Friday, May 19, 2017

3d printing reflection

         I had so much fun doing this project! I learned how to post things to my blog, how a 3d printer works and how to design a print for the 3d printer. I think the coolest one of the things that I learned was how to create a design. I did not know how a 3d printer worked until I did this project. Some problems I ran into while doing this project were, making a hole in the back to put things in and making shelves in the back of it. I found out how to make a hole in the back but not how to get the shelves in the back, I just figured that I could put shelves in after it prints. I work very well with my partner( Charlie Baine) because we are good friends and a hard worker. We could also coordinate who will work after school, since we didn't finish the project in class. If I could change the project, I would probably just do a different design, hopefully we get a chance to do this next year, too. The reason I would choose a different design is because this design was smaller than I expected. So yes I would choose a different design than the secret shelf. That is my reflection on the 3d design I made.

Mikey and Charlies 3d print video